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University of Nevada Reno
Fleischmann 311A

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Press Coverage

Pollen foraging

New York Times July 2013

Buzz pollination research highlighted by Carl Zimmer

New York Times Dec 2016

Interactive "You're a Bee. This is what it feels like" highlights work done by our lab (Animal Behaviour; Biology Letters papers) as well as the Russell et al. paper!

New York Times Sept 2016

Trilobites highlights findings of Russell et al.'s paper on buzz pollination!

National Geographic

Carl Zimmer also featured our work in his blog.


Highlighted our Biology Letters paper on how bees evaluate the taste of pollen...


So did Science! It was a fun week.

Scientific American

Hear a "60-Second Science" podcast about our Biology Letters paper!

PBS Science/NPR: Deep Look

This series produced by Bay Area station KQED features an article and footage of buzz pollination research in our lab!

Featured our work on pollen taste!

Article about Dr. Felicity Muth's Biology Letters paper showing bees can learn to associate two colors with nectar vs. pollen.

Agence Science-Presse (Quebec)

We're pretty sure this is also an article about our Biology Letters paper on pollen taste.

Press release for Pollen grant

Complex Floral Displays

NPR's Morning Edition

Science News

Portrays P.I. Leonard as enthusiastic flower sprayer.

Science News

Highlights Functional Ecology paper

PLoS "Author Spotlight"

Highlights nectar robbing paper



PI Leonard asked to comment on bumble bees showing innovative problem-solving behavior.

LA Weekly

Artist Jessica Rath's exhibit "A Better Nectar" (inspired in part by visits to our lab) received a nice write-up, as it also did in the:

Long Beach Union Weekly

BBC Online

"Lab Sense of Humor Attracts International Attention!" Although of course we never have any fun together, we did this one time pull together to make a BUMBLEBEE WORLD CUP VIDEO!

UNR Website

PI Leonard was interviewed for a video segment highlighting opportunities at UNR for faculty and graduate students (Video 2:29 in right upper corner)

local news