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PBS Video "Deep Look"

Anne Leonard

Josh Cassidy's awesome footage

Josh Cassidy's awesome footage

We're super excited about this short video and article put out by Deep Look, a science series produced by childhood-dominating Bay Area PBS station KQED! Filmmaker Josh Cassidy visited our lab for 2 days in April, and got some great footage of our bees on persian violet (Exacum affine). Jake makes a cameo in the footage, and his research is featured in the article by Lisa Potter. It was a great experience start to finish!

Deep Look is a great series that combines beautiful footage with truly in-depth science, and I highly recommend subscribing on YouTube!

Bees have good taste: new Biology Letters paper out!

Anne Leonard

**Update: this got a lot of press! Science, Nature and Scientific American**

In our new Biology Letters paper, Felicity, Jake and I showed that bees responded differently to pollen blends adulterated with a sweet (sucrose) or bitter (quinine) substance. The taste of pollen affected how much of it bees collected from a flower, as well as their tendency to land subsequently on a visually-similar flower. We're excited about the implications of these findings for looking at pollen chemistry in a new light! This was also a fun chance to use our thermal camera :)

Request a copy on ResearchGate!

National Pollinator Week in the Biggest Little Pollinator Garden

Anne Leonard

We had a soft open for the UNR Pollinator Garden this week, as part of our celebration of National Pollinator week (earlier, Jake Francis gave a public lecture at Urban Roots).

The effort was coordinated by US FWS rep. Sarah Kulpa, and went off without a hitch! We had honey tasting, face painting, bee costumes, lemonade, free plants and seeds from the US FWS office, the NV Native Plant Society, and live bugs from NV Bugs and Butterflies. Although it was pretty hot out, we stayed cool with a live bumblebee colony under a shade tree, and showed off some of the UNR Natural History Museum's bee and butterfly collections.

We counted about 185 visitors to the "live bees!" table. What a great day!!

Daugherty Bee Rodeo

Anne Leonard

This summer, our lab is hosting the inaugural Daugherty Fellows, a group of education students who will be spending time in the lab and shadowing Jake Francis  in the field. This program is intended to enhance the scientific exposure of future Biology teachers in N. Nevada, and is funded by the Daugherty Foundation. We had our first field foray a few weeks ago, and I think these pictures capture the fun we had.

This program is being run by Sierra Nevada Journeys-- read more about it through their blog entry.

National Pollinator Week!

Anne Leonard

The lab has excitedly partnered with Nevada Bugs and Butterflies, the Nevada Museum of Natural History, and the Great Basin Community Food Co-op to host a series of events for National Pollinator Week. We believe these to be the first events held to celebrate NPW in Nevada! We plan to grow bigger and better each year, so stay tuned.

"An Evening to Celebrate Pollinators" at the Co-Op, June 20th 2014. Graduate student Jacob Francis presented a brief (18 min) overview of the challenges faced by native pollinators, followed by an in-depth Q&A with local beekeepers, Leonard lab members, and the general public.

End of $emester

Anne Leonard

Congrats to Jake Francis and Brandy Reynolds, who both received good news at the end of the semester-- EECB research funds (Jake) and Biology Dept. Scholarship! (Brandy).

View from UNR's Little Valley Research station

View from UNR's Little Valley Research station

Summer awaits!!