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2017 Bee Bake Off!

Anne Leonard

Felicity's edible bumblebee colony, complete with honeypots

Felicity's edible bumblebee colony, complete with honeypots

Springtime, and lots to celebrate!

  • Emily Breslow successfully defended her honors thesis on octopamine
  • Devon and Jake received Whittell Fellowships for research at Little Valley
  • Devon won 4th place ($250) for her poster at the UC Davis Bee Symposium, and Felicity gave an excellent lighting talk!
  • Crystal Wang received a Nevada Undergraduate Research Award to fund an independent research project
  • And, we had our annual Bee Bake Off!! Held annually in memory of Harvi Singh (a former undergrad who brought his A-game to bee-themed baking), we had many tasty contributions. This years's winner? Jake Francis! Pictured holding the "B" trophy, for his orange-buttercream bumblebee macarons.

2016 Bee Bake-off!

Anne Leonard

The first annual Bee Bake Off was a major success! The first recipient of the Leonard Lab "B" was none other than Devon Picklum, with her sugar bee cream puffs. Emily's bee pizza would have won for "biggest bee" if there was such a cateogory (next year). And reassuringly, Felicity did not use dead bees in her creation.