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University of Nevada Reno
Fleischmann 311A

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We are also hiring 1) a post-grad technician and 2) an undergrad research assistant for Summer 2019, details here

Postdoc FAQs!:

Are you hiring? Currently (March 2019) yes! I have funding to support a postdoc for up to 3 years on a new NSF grant exploring floral rewards in a community context. I will paste the text of a recently-circulated notice below; those interested are encouraged to contact me soon (I'll start looking over materials on April 1, but you’re welcome to contact me before or after that). Start date is very flexible, with some preference due to field logistics for either early summer (May/June) 2019, or fall 2019.

Text of blurb:

Postdoctoral opportunity (3 yrs): Nutritionally complex floral rewards in a community context

I anticipate hiring a postdoctoral researcher for a NSF-funded project focusing on how the composition of floral rewards links members of plant communities via shared pollinators. The project uses insights from nutritional ecology to explore the
 strategies plants use to manage interactions with their pollinators via reward composition, and how the success of such strategies depends upon the offerings of co-flowering plant species. As a whole, the project combines behavioral experiments in a lab setting (to identify patterns of resource selection among bumblebees) and field-based experiments testing these ideas in Sierra Nevada wildflower communities (involving chemical analyses of floral rewards, observations of bee behavior, and drone-based techniques to map floral resources). The project as a whole is broad enough that the postdoc would be able to focus on a research area suited to their expertise and interests. A good fit for this position would likely have a PhD in ecology or behavior, and training in at least one of the focal areas covered by the grant: pollination biology, animal cognition, nutritional ecology or chemical ecology.

Candidates should be able to think independently about experimental design and analyses and have well-developed skills in oral and written communication, as they will have the opportunity to develop their own research within the framework of the funded project. Start date is flexible, with funding for up to three years based upon satisfactory progress. UNR limits postdoctoral positions to employees who are within 5 years of attaining their PhD; the potential duration of the position means that it probably makes the most sense for recent graduates or those who are within ~3 years of getting their PhD.

The Biology Department at UNR ( has particular strengths in plant-insect interactions, behavioral ecology, and chemical ecology. The interdisciplinary program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology ( sponsors a colloquium series and discussion groups on plant-animal interactions. Depending on interest, the postdoc would have the opportunity to interface with the new Hitchcock Center for Chemical Ecology.

Reno is situated in the high desert on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, 30 minutes from scenic Lake Tahoe and 3.5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area. It offers a high quality of life, a low cost of living, and close proximity to a wide variety of field sites.   

Those interested should contact PI Leonard with a single PDF containing: (1) Cover letter indicating relevant experiences and interests (2) CV (3) Names and contact information for two references by April 1. For more information about our friendly, collaborative lab group, please visit